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Polluted Environ Means Risk of Early Death


Life is worth living for us when we make the best of our environment and enjoy the bounties of nature. A clean and unpolluted environment does wonders to our overall health, and we can be rest assured of longevity of life. Unfortunately, this appears to be more of an ideal situation and the reality is that we are exposed to various pollutants and carbon emissions led by various vehicular and other industrial set-ups which are adversely affecting our health.

What environ pollutants affect us adversely?

Nature, by itself is clean and beautiful and man-made manifestations have resulted in its pollution. To breathe healthy has become difficult these days, and one can get much respite if only one is able spend some leisure time in park. Outside, while moving around the city, one is constantly exposed to polluted air that negatively impacts one’s health and causes serious illnesses and diseases which can result in early death. What causes this unwanted air and noise pollution?

  • Carbon emissions let out by vehicular traffic.
  • Daily vehicular noise.
  • Industrial wastage and emissions that pollute the air and other natural surroundings such as lakes.
  • Unhealthy disposal of garbage.
  • Water-logging, which leads to breading of mosquitoes.
  • Unhygienic surroundings.

How does polluted environ affect us?

  • Carbon emissions let out by vehicular traffic lead to several respiratory diseases and other serious fatal ailments such as cancer.
  • Polluted water can lead to serious stomach ailments.
  • Noisy surroundings can damage the ears and also cause much stress and tensions.
  • Stressful, polluted environment can cause cardiovascular diseases, particularly if one is constantly exposed to noise and pollution.

It is quite evident that polluted environ can cause serious diseases and ailments and lead to early death. We lead fast paced life-styles and the youth is also under tremendous stress to earn their livelihood and lead a better life-style. Similarly, even the children and the elderly do not find proper environment to spend their leisure hours and are exposed to noise and unwanted pollutants.

World-wide much concern has been expressed to ensure better health for the citizens. Environmentalists have voiced their concern at various forums and NGOS have taken up the issue.

How will Hyderabad Metro Rail mitigate the effect of polluted environ?

  • As  vehicular  traffic is a major cause for air- pollution, the arrival of Hyderabad    Metro Rail as a better public transport alternative to counter-act other modes of public transport which tend to release much carbon emissions.
  • Less fatigue and stress as one will not be exposed to unnecessary noise and air-pollution.
  • Dust-free travel.
  • Relaxed travel, easy on the nerves for the elderly, who will certainly find the most comfortable mode of public transport.
  • One need not undergo stress on account of traffic jams, which will in turn positively affect a person’s health.
  • One can travel in comfort and ease long-distance, without suffering from frayed nerves.

The youth as well as other environment- conscious citizens need to take some time and think hard as to how to improve their surroundings for better health and longevity of life. Why die early?… when there is so much to enjoy in life. After all, a life well- lived is well remembered by all.

Travel in HMR will be a Boon to Long Life and Robust Health


Daily commuting can definitely be a tedious affair if one travels by the present public transport systems inHyderabad. As of now, the city has become a center of world-wide activities, with several MNCs and other major business and educational establishments having made a foray into business world of the city. It is, but natural, that employees of these companies would prefer a public travel mode system that would make it easy and convenient to reach their respective destination. At the same time, the employer would certainly appreciate it if his or her employee reaches his or her place of work very relaxed, as this would enhance overall productivity and profits of the company.

What is the present transport scenario of Hyderabad?

 Daily commuters are much vexed with many public transport issues, making their daily existence rather miserable. In what way, you may ask?

  • One has to wait for a bus in long queue for hours and then end up boarding a crowded one.
  • Too much carbon emissions make breathing very difficult. In fact, the elderly and babies are definitely at major risk of developing respiratory diseases, as they are very vulnerable to outside pollutants and contamination. Even, pregnant women find it difficult to commute in such harsh conditions of travel.
  • Too many vehicles on the road, leading to traffic jams that could make one’s daily commute disgusting. On account of so much traffic congestion, tempers flare up, and people start exchanging unpleasantries with each other, thus making them feel rather fed up with their daily existence. This could   make them grumpy, with a bad disposition throughout day at their place of work, or even after reaching home. Frustrations are taking out on colleagues and work efficiency takes a dip. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?
  • Not only are middle-aged people at risk to such unpleasant traffic conditions, even the youth are facing health issues on account of having to cope with unsystematic and unhealthy  traffic conditions.

How will HMR affect the health and life-style of Hyderabadis? 

HMR is expected to provide long-life and robust health to the citizens ofHyderabad, as it is considered to be socio-economically a viable mode of public transport system.

How will it impact the average citizen’s life?

  • Will definitely promote longevity of life, as one can travel in dust free atmosphere.
  • Travel in comfort would certainly ensure that one’s health is not affected negatively.
  • Sitting in the air-conditioned coaches, one will not breathe carbon emissions which can cause serious health problems, at times proving fatal.
  • The green surroundings, and lovely parks close to HMR stations, will permit travellers to take a break and relax in healthy surroundings and breathe fresh and healthy air. Children can play, and elders can take a comfortable stroll.
  • Stress and tension can play havoc with one’s body system, which   one experiences in the present daily commuting. HMR will provide a stress-free ambiance to its commuters.

HMR will make the Hyderabadi live his or her life to the brim by enjoying pleasant ambiance and fresh air, thus ensuring robust health.