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Travel HMR all round the city without any sweat and tears, as comfort is the main focus!

 Tourists visit Hyderabad from far and wide and will find their stay enjoyable and comfortable, if they are able to  make  use  of  a  city  transport  system  that  is easy on the nerves and reduces fatigue. There are many sites to visit and, naturally, they would prefer to avail of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR), when it makes   its  debut  in  the city in end of 2014. HMR is being designed, keeping in view, the comfort levels of the city residents as well as that of the visitors.

Why  will  HMR  be  a  city attraction?

A rapid urban mass transportation, with comfortable air-conditioned coaches and smokeless is what one can expect from soon-to-arrive   HMR, to be preferred by tourists who can visit maximum sites in a day.   The question of  experiencing   fatigue  will not arise at the end of the day after  a whirlwind  tour of the city. They will be at ease at all times during their visits and return back to their hotel rooms with fond memories of the day. Naturally, this would also mean that they will leave the city with a pleasant impression and encourage other tourists also to visit them.

Why  would  a  tourists prefer HMR?

  • Rapid travel.
  • Comfy interiors as the coaches are air-conditioned.
  • Can reach respective destinations quickly.
  • Budget-friendly travel.
  • No bickering.
  • Stress-less travel.

How would HMR enhance the image of Hyderabad as a tourist attraction?

HMR will be the pulse of the city and will move through the city rapidly. It   will   be  the  life-line of the city, as both the local residents and the tourists visiting the city will certainly make use of it. Hyderabad, no doubt, is trying its best to retain its traditional image,  but , it  has  also  quickly  emerged  as  an urban city.  Urbanization  would  mean  a  viable  mass transport system that would  make life in the city live-able. Tourists visiting Hyderabad must enter the city with high hopes of having a gala time while on vacation.

There is much to see in Hyderabad,  the  city of  Nizams, and HMR will pave the way to city tours with much comfort and ease.

So, tourists, roll up your sleeves and cheer up and  make  plans  to  visit  Hyderabad,  as  soon  as you will have  the availability of a rapid mass transport system , HMR, at your disposal. No doubt, now also many are visiting, but once HMR arrives,  a  tourist  will  never  forget  his  or  her  visit  to the city of pearls.

HMR   will   usher   in  an era of ease and comfort for the over-stressed residents of the city and the much haggard tourists. Easy ride, quick reach to one’s destination and no need to inhale polluted air will definitely   make   HMR   a   popular   mode  of  rapid  city transport.

Feeling the strain while driving?

The traffic flow in Hyderabad is extremely chaotic and, naturally, driving through such traffic conditions can cause much strain and stress. The traffic is very unsystematic and those who have to drive very far, certainly, will experience the strain on their nerves. Keeping this in view Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) has  been  designed  and  is being introduced in order to ensure that the daily commute of city residents is comfortable and easy.

How will HMR lessen the strain of daily driving?

  • One   need   not   drive   as one will ride comfortably in the air-conditioned coaches.  Naturally,   the   strain   of   driving   will   not   be there at all.
  • One will bypass   other public modes of transport system and, thus,  one need  not wait hours for the traffic  to get cleared.
  • Normally,  one   gets  exposed to lot of unwanted noise while travelling, which does make daily commute very stressful. If on e were to ride by HMR then,  certainly  one  will travel in complete solitude and quietness, which will keep your nerves very calm.
  • Less bickering s while travelling as the daily commuters will not feel tired or irritated while travelling. The air-conditioned interiors will, certainly, ensure that one is relaxed while travelling and need not shout at another person, simply because he  or  she  has  had  a   bad start in the morning and is finding daily commute a hassle.
  • Professionals working in reputed organizations and multi-nationals will feel less strain while travelling by the metro, and will, certainly, be able to be more productive in work. As an employee, he or she will be able to contribute well, and the employer will appreciate his or her performance at work.

Why   prefer  HMR   rather  than a  personal  vehicle?

  • Driving a personal vehicle through traffic jams can be tiring.
  • One has to concentrate a lot while driving, whereas,  in HMR one will have a joyful ride.
  • Travel by HMR will be easy on the nerves.
  • The air-conditioned coaches are noise and pollution-free,  which  is  why  it will be preferred by several commuters, particularly those who have to travel long distance.

So residents of Hyderabad can certainly relax,  as  soon  they  will  have a “traffic treat” in the form of HMR to arrive with a “bang” in the city in end of 2014. Comfy daily commuting is on the anvil, and certainly, tourists from far and wide would prefer to make  a bee-line to the city, as they can avail of a transport system that  is dependable and devoid of carbon emissions that can be harmful to one’s health.

Commuters in Hyderabad are getting the best mass transport deal in the form of HMR,  which  is  rapid and will ensure that they reach their destinations on time.

A green Hyderabad will be the envy of all, and HMR knows it well!

 Is  HMR  aimed  at  preserving  the  city ecology?

Our environment matters to us on a daily basis. We need to preserve it at any cost, as we need to keep good health. Even residents of Hyderabad also feel the same way. Unfortunately, the increase in vehicular   traffic  in the city is causing much pollution and noise. The citizens are vexed with daily driving and would certainly be in  for  treat  once the Hyderabad Metro Rail  (HMR) arrives on the. Why so? Let us observe this further.

How can the ecology of Hyderabad be preserved?

Hyderabad  is  now a metropolis with innumerable  pollution issues that are affecting the average citizens’ health.  Too  much  vehicles  on  the  city  roads  are leading to much carbon emissions and the breathing of the local citizens is getting affected. They are forced to inhale foul air, which is detrimental to a citizen’s health, particularly children and elderly, who can succumb to pollution. The best way out is to ensure safe and comfortable travel in HMR devoid of pollution.

How  will  HMR  impact  the environment of Hyderabad?

  • Less carbon emissions to inhale.
  • Noise less movement of the metro rail would ensure that the citizens are not exposed to further traffic noise.
  • Less vehicles on the road as some commuters would prefer to make use of the metro rail. This, in turn, would mean that there would less pollution in the surrounding areas, as the number of vehicles on the road will be less.

HMR   will  make  its  presence  felt  as ecology conscious citizens are cooperating with HMR and taking active part in its tree plantation drive and sapling distribution. Vanadeeksha and Vanaprasadam. This approach  of  the  HMR  and  citizens  to  ensure  a healthy environment will certainly prove to  be fruitful in ensuring that the city residents breathe fresh air at all times.

The  young  adults , children and the elderly are  constantly exposed to carbon emissions and their overall well-being is under threat, HMR has been professionally designed to ensure that it retains its commitment towards the residents of the city.

Any doubts of HMR arrival being questioned?

To certain extent,   environment   activists  have, no doubt, raised objections to introducing the metro rail, as they feel that the green ecology of the city will get destroyed. Apparently, HMR authorities feel otherwise.  The residents can keenly wait for the arrival of HMR, which will be there to make use of in end of 2014. The excessive  concerns  expressed  by  some  sections of the society will certainly be negated, as HMR will prove to be viable in all respects as it is fashioned on the model of Delhi Metro.

HMR is meant to bypass vehicular traffic for systematic flow of overall traffic.


                               Tired finding one’s way through unsystematic vehicular flow?

Daily travel in Hyderabad can  be  extremely  annoying  as  one  has  to  find  one’ s way through unsystematic vehicular flow. Driving one’s own personal vehicle is extremely tiresome, as one has to travel through daily vehicular flow, and also find one’s way through innumerable traffic. Population of Hyderabad is constantly on the increase, and naturally the demand of public transport system will on be on the higher front. After all, the existing modes may not be sufficient and also, as there  are  so  many  personal  and  other  forms  of  public   transport system, that  driving one’s own  personal vehicle becomes extremely difficult. Under such circumstances, it  is  but natural  that  the soon- to-arrive Hyderabad Metro Rail  (HMR) will resolve the daily tedious journey to one’s work place.

How will HMR help in avoiding unsystematic traffic flow?

  • HMR will ride high across all other forms of vehicles on the road. In other words,  one  will be able to bypass other vehicles operating on the road.
  • HMR   is  fast  and the frequency is extremely good , with trains arriving every minute or two. Naturally, this would attract more commuters to make use of it, and thus reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Since, there would be less personal vehicles on the road, on account of daily commuters making use of HMR, others driving their own vehicles, for reasons of their  own, would naturally face less traffic hurdles on the road.  Traffic  flow  will  be  more   smoother than usual.
  • Drivers now are inclined to drive unsystematically on the road, thus making it extremely unsafe to   drive on the roads. With the arrival of HMR on the scene, it is but natural for drivers to avail it, thus reducing the number of unsystematic drivers on the road. Traffic would certainly be more  smoother  on  the  roads.

How   can  unsystematic  traffic  flow   affect  daily  commuting?

  • Can make driving tiresome.
  • Can cause more accidents.
  • Pedestrians   are also at risk of accidents.
  • Tourists may not find daily travel in the city very enjoyable.

World over, the flow of traffic is regular and systematic, but in the most of the Asian countries, this is not so.  It is very essential for modes of traffic to be systematic, as it would make it easy for daily commuters to reach their respective destinations on time. HMR will certainly be systematic in operation and will reduce the congested traffic conditions that one comes across now.  It will be a tourist attraction as well, since those visiting the city would be able to travel comfortably. Even if they do not make use of it, at least they will not have to find their way through heavy unsystematic vehicular traffic.

Be a harmonious family by riding high in HMR for fulfilling recreation.

Technology all over the world is changing rapidly and any innovation or facility is aimed at ensuring that it promotes family values as well, be it a transport system or watching television. The idea is that family members as a group must participate in various activities by utilizing the existing technology. The same applies to city transport system. Any new transport that is being introduced must also promote family values, and this is exactly what Hyderabad Metro Rail  (HMR) proposes to do.  How?

How will HMR promote family values?

HMR will be a viable mode of transport system that will be made use of by members of the family, including the elderly and children. Family outings will be more frequent as, those employed will have more leisure, as they will save on travel time. HMR being budget-friendly, the fare rates will be reasonable, thus allowing a family to move out together more often without upsetting their budget. House-wives will have more savings,  which   they  can spend on their families.

The fabric of a society, as we are quite aware much depends upon the core family values practised in a society.  A   healthy  family  life  means  a  healthy society. HMR will not only turn out to be a useful rapid urban transport in the city, but will also play a pivotal role in harmonizing family ties.  Members of a family can visit their distant  relatives  in  no  time  and  also  attend  to the needy and sick family members, without having to wait for hours waiting for  a bus. Children can move out freely, visiting their favorite recreational spots and meet up to their friends and relatives. On the whole, HMR stands for core family values of harmony, happiness and togetherness.

How   does  HMR  bridge  the  gap  among family members?

  • Frequent family get-togethers among distantly located relatives.
  • Children can get to know children of other relatives who live in far off places.
  • Also existing differences can be settled by having frequent positive interactions.
  • A distantly located sick relative can be taken care of.

We live in a world, where personal relationships do matter. An employee can perform well if his or her family relationships are congenial and inter-personal frictions are less. Dis-harmony at home will reflect in the work-place. A woman who has strained marital relationship or vice-versa will not perform to her or his maximum ability.

Can HMR be vital to harmonious family ties?

Certainly, as families would like to move out for entertainment and shopping and other common activities in the comfort of a transport system which permits them to enjoy blissful moments while traveling., Children would simply love the ride in HMR and women will not feel strained on their return home and will be able to carry out their daily chores in  a more relaxed manner, rather than be irritated on account of tiredness.