About Mass Transportation

Hyderabad is now, undoubtedly, an urban city facing the same hassles that other urban cities such as Bombay, Delhi and Chennai are facing. The city has become a busy center for professionals working in several multi-nationals and educational institutions and would naturally expect that their travel to these centers is comfy. Their immediate focus would be on the availability of mass transportation that is rapid, comfortable, pollution free and no noise while travelling.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is definitely the best answer to the city transport problems as it involves urbanized travel, catering basically to the comfort levels of the citizens.

How will Hyderabad Metro Rail be a viable mass transportation?

It is quick.
Easy accessibility.
Can accommodate several passengers.
Safe travel for women, children and the elderly.

What are the immediate reasons for Hyderabad Metro Rail?

Presently, too many traffic congestions and travel in the city is difficult.
Too much carbon- emissions from existing vehicles.
Inadequate mass transport services.
Travel time-consuming in present transport modes.

How will HMR contribute to comfy travel?

Green parks will be set-up in the vicinity for the
passengers to relax.
The access to metro rail stations will be convenient.
Noise-free travel.
No carbon emissions.
Safe travel for the elderly.
Women, particularly housewives and rural woman can
now take the risk to step out of their homes and venture
on their own.

Will HMR prove a successful mass transportation?

Certainly, as local people do need a rapid transport that would permit them to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. As of now, the public modes of transport are such that although they do meet the required needs, they are still inadequate to serve the needs of the people. From this perspective, HMR will certainly prove to be extremely viable and hopefully resolve transport issues of the citizens.