About Skywalks

Hyderabad is quickly emerging as a growing metro which certainly would need modern forms of transport that would facilitate the growing demands of the citizens. The city is also the hub of several multi-nationals and business companies and there is a dire need for rapid form of transport that would make travel in the city comfortable and easy. Keeping this in view, the Hyderabad Metro will soon emerge as the best option for the daily commuters who are fed up with traffic jams and congestion.

Crossing across the roads and highways to reach metro stations, skywalks have been constructed in order to facilitate crossing. The elderly, children and women and also other adults have to take necessary precautions while crossing roads, and it is advisable to use skywalks rather than simply cross the road, while traffic is moving at a rapid pace.

Why have a skywalk?

  • To ensure safe cross over for commuters.
  • To ensure accessibility to the metro station is easy and convenient.
  • Children, elderly and women can cross roads via skywalks safely.
  • To prevent movement on the roads in case people prefer to use to cross
  • across to the metro station.

Why HMR prefers skywalks?

• HMR has always the citizens’ convenience and safety in mind and would ensure that the commuters reach the metro stations safely.
• Skywalks will enable commuters to make use of HMR more frequently as they would certainly feel safe crossing over. Obviously, HMR would prefer that more commuters avail the services of HMR.

Every city would like the best form of transport, and also emerge as a city that provides amenities of international standards. Hyderabad has also attained much distinction in this regard and many tourists like to visit this city. It is but natural, that the necessity of having rapid form of transport is very essential. HMR is meant to facilitate tourism by ensuring that there is convenient and relaxed form of transport that would enable people to move from one place to another.

It is not just merely having a metro rail system, but also ensuring that the safety of the commuters is much ensured not only while travelling in it but also reaching it. Skywalks are the best answer for this, as they make commuters feel safe while crossing across roads. HMR is meant for the commuter in every sense of the term, from safety point of view, convenience and quick reach to destinations.

In what style has HMR built skywalks?

HMR, obviously, prefers to maintain international standards at every cost. The skywalks built by it do meet up to international standards of safety and attractiveness. After all, Hyderabad is not lagging behind in any way in providing the best transport to the local citizens.