About Vanadeeksha & its Benefits


A   green city is a place where a person would like to live in to maintain good health and also enjoy peace and solitude. The world is facing problems of acute pollution, and India is no exception to it. In fact, urban Hyderabad is also being exposed to constant problems of rapid urbanization and pollutions levels are going up on account of increased vehicular problems. Naturally, keeping this in view, the decision to have a metro rail has been taken, and Hyderabad Metro Rail will prove to be a boon as it will provide comfortable without any exposure to carbon emissions.

Keeping the constant exposure of Hyderabad citizens to pollution, the decision to have a rapid transport such as HMR will provide much needed respite from noise, stress and tension that is diversely affecting the health of the citizens. Excessive pollution can result in cardio-vascular diseases, lung diseases, throat infection and so forth. One can get relief from tension and stress by inhaling fresh air which is possible only if there are more green trees. HMR is actively involved in Vanadeeksha, that is make Hyderabad green by planting trees and also supply saplings  to  conscious citizens and organizations who will take the initiative to plant trees.

What is Vanadeeksha all about?

HMR has successfully managed to plant trees and enhance greenery in Hyderabad. Today, citizens of Hyderabad are looking forward to a “Green  Hyderabad”, which HMR will ensure via its successful tree plantation drive. Vana Deeksha  Drive began on September 15th and will end on 20th October, 2012. In fact, the event will be over just a day after Biodiversity Convention, an international event on ecological being held at Hyderabad.

HMR is planting trees on reputed universities such as Osmania University and University of Hyderabad, DRDO, HPS, DLRL and in several other parts of the city. In fact, it is hoped that nearly about 50,000 trees will be planted every year, and soon Hyderabad will be so green that it will be a place that a citizen would like to settle down, and those already living would  feel  more safe from pollution based diseases.

Saplings are being given to welfare organizations, citizens, environment conscious individuals, NGOS, student groups etc. to plant trees in their respective areas. In fact, the response has been good.

What are the benefits  of  Vanadeeksha by HMR?

  • Greenery all over the city.
  • Reduction in air pollution.
  • Fresh air to breathe for good health.
  • Green parks to walk around and relax.
  • Climatic changes, as the weather   will  be  more  cool, in other words there will be reduction in global warming.
  • Active involvement of citizens, both young and old in the overall development of the city.

It is indeed worth waiting for the arrival of HMR as one will have the pleasure to live in a city that is evergreen, pleasant and provides enjoyable stay.