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The Truly ‘Modern’ Metro Rail of Hyderabad


The Hyderabad Metro Rail project is an international standard infrastructural construction featuring many technological, engineering and financial innovations.

Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

Hyderabad Metro Rail features advanced Signaling & Train Control technology Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) for continuous communication between the central control, train operators and the station controllers to ensure better control of train operations and running. The trains will be monitored from the advanced Operation Control Centre (OCC) located in Uppal depot. The Operation Control Centre (OCC) is considered as the primary control centre, as well as back-up control centre for managing the operations during emergencies.

 Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) System

Axle Counter based fall-back system is a form of secondary train detection system, deployed across all the three corridors, which is a backup for CBTC. The signaling technology which has been deployed at the depots is based on the redundant Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) system.

Automatic Train Operation (ATO) 

Hyderabad Metro rail operates on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) mode which monitors safe train operations. Some of the station equipments like Computer Based Interlocking (CBI), wayside ATP etc., constitute important signaling equipments for ensuring safe and uninterrupted train services.

Booster Transformers 

Booster Transformers are installed across the three corridors at specified locations for minimizing interference with main communication lines.  There are Receiving Substations (RSS) established at Uppal, Miyapur, Yusufguda, & MGBS which receive power supply.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System

Hyderabad Metro also consists of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system which offers highest level of support for the purpose of monitoring, controlling and also command. A centralized Operation Control Centre (OCC) based in Uppal Depot controls the entire Power Supply and Traction System Equipment through SCADA.

Environmental Benefits

Hyderabad city is now recognized as a fast emerging metro city that is subjected to environmental issues that a city normally is exposed to. Urbanization means population pressures, increased polluted air and congested traffic jams.

The major issue that citizens of Hyderabad are facing now is, undoubtedly, pollution, caused by heavy traffic jams, since carbon emission cause foul air. The city people have to breathe air that causes much damage to their health.

How does polluted air affect the citizens’ health?

  • One can suffer from cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Lung diseases.
  • Cancer and so forth.

What is the solution to avoid carbon emissions?

  • Less traffic jams.
  • Less carbon emissions.
  • A transport system that would emit less carbon emissions.

How can city pollution be avoided?

The best way out appears the oncoming Hyderabad Metro Rail, which is not only a rapid transport system, but also will emit less carbon emissions, that causes less pollution to the air.

How will HMR impact city environment?

There will be less traffic jams, as more people will make use of HMR, and not make use of their personal vehicles. Less vehicles on the road will mean less polluted air. HMR will not emit carbon emissions that would mean less polluted air. HMR is avidly involved in tree plantation to make Hyderabad green. Saplings are being distributed to citizens, so that they actively take part in tree plantation activities of HMR.

Parks are also being set up near respective metro stations of the HMR for the commuters to relax and take it easy, after a hard day’s journey. In fact, these “People’s Hub” are places for citizens to relax and mingle with each other. Children can play without fear and the elderly can take strolls in comfort.

Conscious efforts are on by HMR to link up with major universities and residents’ welfare associations and other major institutes and organizations to promote tree plantation and thus improve the overall ecology of Hyderabad.

A green environment is, indeed, something local citizens will certainly look forward. After all, polluted air can affect one’s health adversely and lead to serious health complications, which can also prove fatal.

HMR, although, facing criticism from some quarters, is extremely keen to ensure that Hyderabad is pollution-free and that citizens, not only have access to a rapid transport system, but also live in an environment that is likeable and comfortable to live in. HMR hopes to reach out to Hyderabadis, by providing them a reliable and dependable travel.

HMR at Credai Property Show

Purchasing a property of your choice is certainly not all that easy, but the 3-day expo organized by CREDAI (Real Estate Developers Association )has left no stone unturned in ensuring that the visitor to show is provided with adequate information to get the best buy. The 3-day show held at People’s Plaza at the Necklace Road from 2nd-4th,2012, drew a wide spectrum of property buyers and other visitors.
One of the popular stalls on the occasion was, no doubt, the Vanadeeksha stall set up by Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR), which has consciously brought into focus its various activities by distributing phamplets, relevant literature to impress upon the city dwellers how HMR would make a positive impact upon the people.

To impress upon the local citizens the importance of having greenery all around, The Vanadeeksha Stall set up buy HMR at The CREDAi Show highlights the responsibility taken up by both the real estate dealers as well as the HMR to ensure that the greenery remains intact despite the arrival of HMR.

Incidentally, The Vanandeeksha stall was inaugurated by the Honorable Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister, Mr. N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who was accompanied by A.P. Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Mr. Mahender Reddy, A.P. Labor Minister, Mr. Danam Nagender and A.P. Minister for Mines and Geology, Ground Water and Textiles & Handlooms. G. Aruna.

On the occasion saplings were distributed by HMR and the visitors were impressed upon the greenery efforts being made by HMR in the form of tree plantation. No doubt, the arrival of HMR would certainly lead to a boom in the rate of the properties lying close to vicinity of the metro rail. In fact, those close to the metro stations would definitely be of higher value, and those residing in these areas
would have easy accessibility to the metro rail. Apart from, property rates going up, no doubt, the setting up of corridors perhaps may affect the structures of the nearby buildings and perhaps the greenery in the surrounding areas. This issue is being well- resolved by the tree plantation drive as HMR is planting adequate number of trees in several areas in the vicinity of the area in order to ensure
that that Hyderabad remains green forever.

It is booming time for Real Estate in Hyderabad, and the settlers in Hyderabad and those working in multi-nationals and other reputed organizations are keen on investing in property in Hyderabad. Keeping this in view, the CREDAI show has no doubt brought into focus the spectacular property deals in the city.