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The Truly ‘Modern’ Metro Rail of Hyderabad


The Hyderabad Metro Rail project is an international standard infrastructural construction featuring many technological, engineering and financial innovations.

Communication Based Train Control (CBTC)

Hyderabad Metro Rail features advanced Signaling & Train Control technology Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) for continuous communication between the central control, train operators and the station controllers to ensure better control of train operations and running. The trains will be monitored from the advanced Operation Control Centre (OCC) located in Uppal depot. The Operation Control Centre (OCC) is considered as the primary control centre, as well as back-up control centre for managing the operations during emergencies.

 Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) System

Axle Counter based fall-back system is a form of secondary train detection system, deployed across all the three corridors, which is a backup for CBTC. The signaling technology which has been deployed at the depots is based on the redundant Computer Based Interlocking (CBI) system.

Automatic Train Operation (ATO) 

Hyderabad Metro rail operates on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) mode which monitors safe train operations. Some of the station equipments like Computer Based Interlocking (CBI), wayside ATP etc., constitute important signaling equipments for ensuring safe and uninterrupted train services.

Booster Transformers 

Booster Transformers are installed across the three corridors at specified locations for minimizing interference with main communication lines.  There are Receiving Substations (RSS) established at Uppal, Miyapur, Yusufguda, & MGBS which receive power supply.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System

Hyderabad Metro also consists of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system which offers highest level of support for the purpose of monitoring, controlling and also command. A centralized Operation Control Centre (OCC) based in Uppal Depot controls the entire Power Supply and Traction System Equipment through SCADA.

Mass Transportation

Travel in the city is becoming a tedious affair as urbanization has increased standard of living, leading to an increased of number of personal vehicles on the road. This, in turn, has resulted in too many traffic jams, causing much delay in travel. Local citizens in Hyderabad are in a hurry  to  reach  their destinations as quickly as possible and would prefer to travel in ease and comfort. What is the way out for this? Mass transportation is the preferred option and certainly the arrival of Hyderabad Metro Rail in the near future will resolve many issues.

How will HMR impact as a mass transportation impact city travel?

  • Less carbon emissions.
  • Daily travel will be easy and comfortable.
  • One need not have to wait for hours in traffic jams.
  • Less noise during travel.
  • Cool atmosphere while travelling as the Metro Rail will be air-conditioned.
  • One can reach destinations as quickly as possible.
  • One need not have to wait for hours in queues, while waiting for local transport.

Who are in dire need of a mass transportation?

  • Professionals working in several multi-nationals and those in other institutions and organizations.
  • Women, particularly, those from the rural areas who will like to interact with their urban counterpart.
  • Elderly, who need to travel in comfort.
  • Businessmen who have to keep up to their appointments.
  • Children who need to go to their schools.
  • Teenagers who would like to attend to college on time.
  • Those who would like to be at the recreation centers as per their schedule.

The world is rapidly changing as new technology is making its foray. Even, in the transport arena, efforts are also on to ensure that there are better transport facilities. Keeping this constantly evolving scenario, the Hyderabad authorities are also extremely keen to ensure that Hyderabad also keeps in pace with its other city counterparts. Naturally, HMR will be most welcomed by all the citizens, as it would ensure that travel is not a tedious process at all.

Why have HMR as a mass transportation at all?

The pollution levels in Hyderabad are causing much health problems to the citizens as many are prone to cardio-vascular diseases, respiratory issues, lung diseases and so forth. The elderly are extremely vulnerable to the noise and pollution and can succumb to such diseases. Children and babies also face health issues as they have to breathe foul air, which can in due course affect their internal organs. In order to calm nerves and become less exposed to pollution levels, HMR would definitely prove to be a boon to local  citizens  as  their travel will be less problematic.

About Mass Transportation

Hyderabad is now, undoubtedly, an urban city facing the same hassles that other urban cities such as Bombay, Delhi and Chennai are facing. The city has become a busy center for professionals working in several multi-nationals and educational institutions and would naturally expect that their travel to these centers is comfy. Their immediate focus would be on the availability of mass transportation that is rapid, comfortable, pollution free and no noise while travelling.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is definitely the best answer to the city transport problems as it involves urbanized travel, catering basically to the comfort levels of the citizens.

How will Hyderabad Metro Rail be a viable mass transportation?

It is quick.
Easy accessibility.
Can accommodate several passengers.
Safe travel for women, children and the elderly.

What are the immediate reasons for Hyderabad Metro Rail?

Presently, too many traffic congestions and travel in the city is difficult.
Too much carbon- emissions from existing vehicles.
Inadequate mass transport services.
Travel time-consuming in present transport modes.

How will HMR contribute to comfy travel?

Green parks will be set-up in the vicinity for the
passengers to relax.
The access to metro rail stations will be convenient.
Noise-free travel.
No carbon emissions.
Safe travel for the elderly.
Women, particularly housewives and rural woman can
now take the risk to step out of their homes and venture
on their own.

Will HMR prove a successful mass transportation?

Certainly, as local people do need a rapid transport that would permit them to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. As of now, the public modes of transport are such that although they do meet the required needs, they are still inadequate to serve the needs of the people. From this perspective, HMR will certainly prove to be extremely viable and hopefully resolve transport issues of the citizens.

About Mass Transportation

An efficient, safe and comfortable travel mode locally is considered the life-line of a city, as citizens do require a transport system that would enable them to reach their destinations quickly. The need is for mass transport system that would permit maximum number of travellers to commute, and this applies to a city such as Hyderabad, which is facing an ever-increasing population, as many people from far and wide are making this their home. The congenial atmosphere, the cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly disposition of the local residents is why many prefer Hyderabad. Also, several people prefer to avail the innumerable work opportunities in multi-
nationals as Hyderabad is now the hub of IT and other multi- nationals.

Why does one need a mass transportation?

• The ever-growing population of Hyderabad does require a mass transportation.
• Daily commuters, particularly, office-goers prefer to avoid using their own personal vehicles as it is difficult to drive.
• Also the cost incurred in travel would be less as more people will avail one particular transport service.

What is HMR concept of mass transportation?

• A transport that is viable and can meet the travel needs of a large population.
• A reasonably priced rapid mass transport which is budget-friendly.
• Mass transportation must be able to reach every nook and corner of the city in order to ensure that every citizen residing in the city can avail its services.

Will citizens accept HMR?

They would, of course, as they would find their daily travel very comfortable. Everybody would like to travel with ease, avoid stress and daily tension and HMR would be the ideal option.

HMR will, undoubtedly, be the best form of mass transportation for citizens of Hyderabad who are simply fed up with traffic congestion and polluted-air on account of excessive carbon emission. There are too many vehicles on the road, as now several people are purchasing their own personal vehicles rather than use local transport. Obviously, this would mean increased number of vehicles on the road, and that in turn would increase the levels of pollution in the air.

What does HMR hope to achieve as a rapid transportation?

To, of course, meet up to the expectations of citizens of Hyderabad, who are vexed with the present transport mode and who definitely will be happy about the arrival of HMR to ease their travel discomfort in the city.

Final aim of HMR as a rapid transportation?

To be the best transport system akin to the international metro rail systems that would attract commuters on account of its rapidity, air-conditioned interiors, comfortable seats and clean and fresh atmosphere inside the coaches, that are noise-free. Certainly, HMR seems to be the best answer to resolve the present transport hassles of the city.