How Hyderabad Metro Rail make Hyderabad green?

A green Hyderabad is indeed beneficial the local citizens as it would provide them much respite from the heat and adverse weather conditions. Greenery is much soothing to the eyes and also provides attractive surroundings to live in. Although, Hyderabad is undoubtedly green now, but it is hoped that with the arrival of Hyderabad Metro Rail, the green surroundings will be enhanced further.

The HMR via its “Vanadeeksha” has provided saplings to environment conscious citizens such as students, those belonging to residents welfare colonies, other organizations to actively take part in tree plantation drive being promoted by HMR. Obviously, the idea is to generate awareness among the citizens to have better surroundings to live in and also to make sure that they avoid the vagaries of polluted atmosphere.

The success of Vanadeeksha has been such that more efforts are on by HMR to promote tree plantation to preserve the green ecology of the city. Why has HMR been so keen to undertake this greenery drive? Naturally, to ensure a better life for the citizens. How does it benefit the citizens?

How will Hyderabad Metro Rail make Hyderabad green?

Hyderabad Metro Rail hopes to plant lots of tree under tree plantation drive to make citizens feel comfortable while traveling from one place to another and also improve their local environment. Let us observe how the citizens will benefit by
the tree plantation drive of HMR?

  • The surroundings will be very attractive and one will enjoy prefer to live in green surroundings.
  •  The weather will be cool on a hot summery day, and citizens will certainly get much respite from the heat.
  •  Parks will set up in several places in the city for the citizens to sit down and relax after a hard day’s work. The elderly can take walks in the park and children can play.


  •  Greenery means more oxygen content in the air and breathing fresh air is essential for the citizens’ good health. Excessive carbon emissions let by too many vehicles has caused a severe set-back to the citizens as many are exposed to cardio-vascular disease, lung diseases and other respiratory diseases. More trees would mean more fresh air to breathe, improving the overall health of the citizens.
  • A green city will attract many visitors who would like to live in a place that is beautiful and attractive to look at. This would mean more tourist revenue for the city, which can be made use of for developing the city further.

Hyderabad is a growing metropolitan city and several MNCs are making foray into the city and leading to an increase in the working population. Naturally, those who are employed and have to travel long distance would like to escape the heat and the dust and prefer to spend their time in a park. The green drive would certainly be welcomed by commuters as they would like to travel through
comfortable surroundings.