How Metro Rail can be helpful in reducing pollution?


A road transport that is quick and efficient is essential in the present day circumstances for officer- goers and others who are in constant hurry to reach their business set-ups and offices. The need of the hour is for a quick, reliable, dependable and efficient transport that is highly modernized making travel comfortable. Hyderabad is not an exception to this rule also and will soon be
having Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) which will bring much relief to the daily commuters who are fed up with smoke, daily pollution and traffic congestion.

Environmentalists have much to say about the oncoming Hyderabad Metro Rail as they feel it will affect one’s environment by reducing the “green” levels of the city and felling of trees for setting up the project. On the other hand, those who support the arrival of HMR are of a different view and feel that HMR would in fact reduce the pollution levels in the city.

How will HMR reduce the pollution levels in the city?

• There will be less traffic congestion as people will move out less in their own personal vehicles and prefer to travel by HMR. This would mean that there would be fewer vehicles on the road which would prevent traffic congestion.
• HMR plans to have more green parks around the metro stations for the convenience of the citizens. The elderly can stroll leisurely, children can play safely and commuters can relax for a while before going home.
• HMR also plans to plant saplings and trees in several parts of the city to enhance green surroundings and make Hyderabad look beautiful and be pollution-free.
• There would be less traffic on the road since commuters will travel by the metro would mean less carbon emissions. In fact, the carbon emissions have gone up tremendously, that it is affecting the overall health of the individual as they are getting exposed to cardio-vascular diseases, lung diseases, throat infections, cancer etc.
• Elderly also need comfortable travel as they are at a sensitive age, where noise and pollution can affect their health. HMR would certainly be a preferred option for them as there would be no noise at all.
• Increased tree plantation would have much impact over the climate and would reduce the heat. Residents of Hyderabad can feel cool most of the time.

Growing urbanization has resulted in much pollution all over the world. In fact, environment conscious citizens are much concerned with changing patterns in the climate and feel that it would have a negative impact on the climate. In fact, vehicular traffic is on the increase all over the world and even in the developing countries, on account of increased earning potential of the average citizen,
the need for a car has been on rise adding to more vehicular congestion and pollution. Under these circumstances, it is but natural to feel positive about the arrival of HMR.