Hyderabad Metro Rail’s Innovative Nirbhaya Commute for Women Commuters


Using public transportation in any cosmopolitan city is fraught with risks for men and women. However, the risk is higher for women commuters. This is the reason HMR is leaving no stone unturned to ensure safe and hassle-free travel for its women passengers.

After the shocking incident in Delhi, where a young lady was brutally attacked while travelling in a bus, HMR Managing Director, Mr. N.V.S. Reddy, came up with the concept of Nirbhaya Commute. This concept aims at empowering women commuters and ensuring their safety while using the services of Hyderabad Metro Rail.

HMR and Women Commuter Safety

HMR has put certain measures in place that ensure women commuters can use Hyderabad Metro Rail without fear or feeling threatened. Some of the measures to strengthen safety and security include:

  • Constant monitoring of coaches and stations with the help of CCTV cameras
  • Deployment of women police personnel at stations and in coaches
  • Creating awareness among women commuters on how they can safeguard themselves while commuting
  • Using social media platforms to bring about safety awareness and have a constant dialogue with public to spread the message of safety
  • Use social media to solicit suggestions from public on how to further improve safety for women and other commuters

HMR’s Commitment to Nirbhaya Commute

Hyderabad Metro Rail is aware of the vulnerability of its female commuters and is strongly committed to providing a safe and secure environment to women, who can use the metro. These measures will allow them to travel without feeling threatened or uncomfortable about their safety. This is the reason why HMR has adopted the concept of Nirbhaya Commute.

Women commuters can look forward to a carefree travel experience, without concerns about their personal safety. As a result, they will be able to enjoy the commute and appreciate the facilities that HMR has put into place for commuters.

Using HMR means Nirbhaya commute at all times!