Nirbhaya Commute – HMR’s Tribute to Women Commuters





India is still reeling under the outrageous attack on Nirbhaya, the victim of gang rape in Delhi. The public is still disgusted and horrified at the atrocity committed on that young girl, who was christened Nirbhaya by the media. As a tribute to her and all women of India, HMR MD, Mr. N.V.S. Reddy, came up with the idea of Nirbhaya Commute for female passengers of Hyderabad Metro Rail.

What is Nirbhaya Commute?

People are aware that travelling in any cosmopolitan city is not without risk, be it male or female commuters. However, it is the women commuters who are most vulnerable and face a higher risk. To ensure that women commuters can use Hyderabad Metro Rail without worrying abouttheir personal safety, HMR has adopted certain measures that will help women feel safe while using the metro.

• Non-stop monitoring of metro coaches and stations using CCTVs

• Separate ticket counters for women commuters

• Deployment of women police personnel across stations and in metro coaches

• Having a constant dialogue with public on how they can protect themselves while commuting

• Creating awareness among women commuters on how they can safeguard themselves while travelling on public transportation

• Using social media forums to engage public and get suggestions from them to further improve safety and security at HMR stations and on metro coaches

Nirbhaya Commute is about making women passengers feel safe and secure while using the services offered by HMR.

HMR Believes in Nirbhaya Commute

HMR is aware that women can be vulnerable while using the metro. That is why it has  undertaken measures to make metro coaches safe for women commuters. Nirbhaya Commute not only ensures women safety, it also empowers women to safeguard themselves. Through Nirbhaya Commute, HMR aims to make commuting a stress-free, carefree and enjoyable experience for women and this is one undertaking that HMR is strongly committed to.