Nirbhaya Commute on HMR – Where Women Commuters Can Travel Safely and Without Fear






A brainchild of HMR Managing Director, Mr. N.V.S. Reddy, Nirbhaya Commute is named after the brave heart from Delhi whose case shocked the nation in December 2012. With citizens across the country expressing their outrage over the incident, Hyderabad Metro Rail decided to come up with safety measures aimed specifically at women commuters.

Travel in any cosmopolitan city is not without certain risks. This mainly attributed to rise in crime rate due to increase in urban population. There are certain risks involved when using urban transportation system, particularly for women commuters. While even male commuters face certain amount of risk, the risk is higher for female commuters.

To ensure that women commuters can use the metro without fear, certain measures have been adopted by HMR.

  • 24-hour surveillance with the help of CCTVs
  • Women police personnel in coaches and stations
  • Separate ticket counters for women commuters
  • HMR intends to have continuous dialogue with commuters on measures to safeguard themselves
  • Using social media forums as an outreach platform to connect with public and impart knowledge about personal safety measures. These forums also will serve as a way to get suggestions from public on how HMR can improve travel safety for women and other commuters

HMR is strongly committed to Nirbhaya Commute and that is why it has taken steps to ensure that metro coaches and stations are safe for women commuters. Hyderabad Metro Rail understands that many women and young girls are supplementing their family income; and may not find it easy to step outdoors with confidence. Hence, by adopting Nirbhaya Commute, HMR is ensuring that travel on metro coaches is risk-free for these women.

The aim of Nirbhaya Commute is to empower women, who are major contributors to India’s economic growth. And, with HMR, women commuters can look forward to commuting without fear or feeling threatened.