Sky Walks

The need of the hour is to have available mass transportation system that can meet up to the growing population demands of the Hyderabad city. The arrival of the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is soon to arrive in the city will fill the gap. Undoubtedly, the HMR will be an attractive feature of the city as it is being constructed with a modern infrastructure that meets up to the international level standards. After all, the citizens of Hyderabad do deserve the best form of a rapid transport system that will enhance the image of their city and cater to the transport needs of not only the local citizens but also that of the visitors to the city.

In what way will HMR be attractive and usable?

Skywalks will be built across the road in order to permit passengers to move across the roads in order to enter into the metro station. Devoid of the skywalks, it will be difficult to for the elderly as well as children and women and other passengers to  cross  a road full of traffic.  The aim of HMR is to ensure the comfort and safety levels of the passengers and skywalks are being built keeping this in aim.

Will the skywalks be of international standards?

Yes. HMR has sought the assistance of experts who have international knowhow and expertise and will design skywalks that will prove tangible in terms of stability and steadfastness. Citizens will not be afraid to make use of these skywalks as the material used will be of high quality and as a result the skywalks will be convenient to make use of.

Why use a skywalk?

  • To avoid getting run down by vehicle.
  • To have safe accessibility to the metro station.
  • Elderly will be able to reach the metro station without much discomfort.

The citizen of Hyderabad can look forward for the arrival of the HMR as it will facilitate his or her travel. The skywalks that will be constructed will definitely make travel easy. HMR certainly is planning in a big way and on account of its international level construction standards,  it will certainly prove to be beneficial for the comfort of residents of the city.

HMR will make an impact on the travel facilities of Hyderabad and will also enhance the image of the city.