Every urban city over the world has its own tales to tell, and Hyderabad is no exception this rule. Residents of the city have to withstand the pressures and tensions of innumerable traffic jams and congestions that do affect their health. Naturally, there is a dire need for mass transportation that is quick and comfortable and Hyderabad Metro Rail will certainly provide a viable transport mode.

How will HMR improve traffic?

  • Less traffic will be there on the roads, as commuters will prefer to make use of HMR, rather than their own personal vehicles. After all, driving through heavy traffic jams and vehicular congestion can make driving very difficult indeed.
  • Traffic jams and congestions will be narrowed down on account of less vehicles on the road.
  • Less carbon emissions that are emitted by other forms of vehicles.

Will HMR replace other transport modes?

No, it will not as other transport systems will continue to exist. Only, on account of less number of personal vehicles, the traffic can be well- regulated. No doubt, commuters would prefer to travel HMR as they know that they would be able to reach on time. For example, businessmen need to keep up to their appointments and, obviously, they would prefer to travel by HMR as it happens to be a rapid form of transport.

How will HMR facilitate the traffic authorities?

  • Better regulation of existing traffic on the roads.
  • Need not deal with too many vehicular accidents.
  • Less cars on the roads as commuters would prefer not to use their personal vehicles.

How does the environment benefit by less traffic?

Environment becomes less polluted on account of less traffic. In this way, HMR does contribute positively to keep the surroundings green and clean. Less carbon emission means less pollution. The tree plantation drive of HMR can indeed be termed as a “green revolution” as it will lead to greenery all around in Hyderabad.

In what way  does  HMR traffic experts contribute?

The traffic experts of HMR are well aware that HMR will be a positive step in resolving traffic issues plaguing Hyderabad residents. These experts are much in favor of HMR as they know quite well that the local residents are tired of driving their personal vehicles long distance. Also, those travelling by other forms of transport such as buses will prefer to use HMR as they would reach their respective destinations in ease and comfort.