Visit Numaish HMR stall for complete appreciation of the future metro rail.

The grand presence of the metro coach of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) at the All India Industrial Exhibition (Numaish), at Nampally grounds does indeed portray the mammoth efforts that are on to ensure that the metro rail rolls on the elevaed tracks of the city,by the end of 2014. Visitors at the stall are able to clearly visualize their safe and comfortable travel by looking at the mock up metro rail coach, which has sophisticated interiors,that will be totally air-conditioned while in operation. By observing the metro rail coach, it is quite obvious that the daily ride to work,educational institutions or recreational centers will be pleasurable, as one can travel in pollution- free coaches.

The steel grey metro rail coach, visited much by visitors of Numaish, is similar to metro-rails operating world-wide. The finesse is superb and the exterior is sturdy and the interiors highly attractive, simply made for daily travel convenience and comfort.
Literature available at the stall will educate the visitors about the need of metro rail in the city and how it will impact their daily lives.

The awesome metro rail coach stands tall among flowers that deck the stall and one can enter the coach to have first hand view of the inside seating and standing area.
Men, women, children and the youth in particular are able to satiate their desire to know more by visiting the HMR stall.The numaish is a popular event for the city residents , who simply enjoy shopping and feasting there. It is but obvious,that the maximum number of city residents would be able to find an answer to their queries about the soon-to-arrive metro rail.

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