We Wish You all a Happy Sankranthi !

Festive season brings families together to share their joy and happiness and set aside any bad feelings towards each other. Sankranthi in Hyderabad ushers in a new year of fun and frolic for the young and more comfort for the women and the elderly. No doubt, here Hyderabad Metro Rail  (HMR) will  soon  ( end of 2014) be able to strengthen family ties further, as city residents can travel from one corner to another corner and celebrate the festival together. Incidentally, Sankranthi is the harvest festival and farmers celebrate this day very joyfully.

On this auspicious day, “Pongal” the traditional dish consisting of rice and lentils is cooked in a clay pot which is decorated with colorful designs. The dish is tasty and mouth watering.  Children and teenagers as well as young adults fly colorful kites . In fact, annual kite flying competitions are held.  Here one can say the soon-to-arrive HMR will enable city residents to travel distances quickly and take part in a competition of their choice. Family members meet up to each other to rejoice together on the occasion. Once   HMR  arrives  on  the  scene  distances  will  not  mar  family relationships.  HMR will promote better interactions on such auspicious occasion and that too without any stress and tension of travelling long distance. Elderly will also be able to travel to meet their near and dear. Women can share their food offerings with other family members and friends.

Sankranthi indeed is a grand festival for closeness and togetherness among families and HMR knows it well.