women empowerment

In this challenging world of ours, women have become a force to reckon with. Even, in earlier times women did play a major role in social and political events. In other words, women have always participated in the mainstream of life. In Hyderabad also, women are quite ahead in contributing towards the growth and development of the city. Therefore, the soon to arrival Hyderabad Metro Rail would certainly impact empowerment in many ways. Let us observe this further.

How will HMR impact women empowerment?

  • Women have to move around freely and also quickly in order to take part in various activities related to society.
  • Women from rural areas do need to interact with their urban counterparts in order take part in the mainstream activities and make positive contribution towards the development of the society.
  • Women also need to feel safe and secure while travelling in the city, and HMR will certainly prove to be very advantageous for them to commute without any hassles.

Can women help HMR in its development?

Yes. Women must make use of it for their travel purposes, thus making it essential for the development process of the city. Also, the educated women among them must bring into focus the fact that HMR is a safe form of city travel in order to encourage their rural counterpart.

Can HMR promote women empowerment?

Certainly, HMR will act as a catalyst in the promotion of women empowerment as more women will make use of the rapid mass transportation and thus encourage participation of women in society. Also, women will not have any reservations in venturing out and get enrolled in educational institutions to pursue studies in various subjects that would improve their life-styles, health and the welfare of their family. As we are quite aware, women need to be educated for family well-being and, therefore, HMR will enable them to full-fill their desire to be educated.

All over the world, women are very active in politics, socio-economic events and Hyderabad is no exception to such progressive activities. HMR will encourage the participation of women in the overall development of the city and thus bring these women into limelight, both at the national, as well as, perhaps at the international level.

All said and done, we can certainly say that women are an integral part of our society, and it is essential to ensure that they travel in ease and comfort.